JNC Physical Editions

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    I went to Kinokuniya in LA today and saw a nice fat stack of all the JNC physical editions and thought I’d make a general thread about these.

    I didn’t buy any because I have digital editions of each of them so far that I want but did want to comment on the overall look:

    1. Love the size! Easily my favorite size- I’ve always felt the American editions are too large and make series take up an insane amount of shelf space - these look much nicer.

    2. Great paper stock! Lovely paper stock, looks much higher quality than other LNs.

    3. All the typesetting and such looked good.

    4. Thought the back cover designs (especially for Smartphone) were a little weak. The Magic in this World looked pretty solid and that one is more recent- so maybe it’s just ironing out processes.

    Overall super excited to see JNC given a place of honor in my favorite bookstore and proud of how far they’ve come. I’m likely to pick up Potion Loli and Bookworm when they’re out.

    What do you all think?

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    I've preorder Last and First idole, hopefully it will sale well enough for us to get other book from that author.
    I'm also going to buy Bookworm when it's out, and probably Crest of the Stars and Marginal operation. And if it's ever print A Very fairy Appartement is also on the list, but i doubt it will be print.

    Is Potion loli getting a print, i can't see it on amazon and i don't remember it being annouced ?

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    @raitoiro If printed 'A very Fairy Apartment' I would get two copies as a present to my two sisters I am sure that they would enjoy it. Well they probably would also enjoy the Potion Loli

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    @renofury Good idea, i should do the same for my sister, it would probably help her learn english.
    The only problem being that since she isn't a woman of culture, she will likely not understand the fine joke on mind-brokken female knight ^^

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    @raitoiro Potion Loli hasn’t been announced, I’m just assuming (and crossing my fingers)

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    @the-green-death Yeah it seem like a rather likely choice, probably after Lazy Dungeon master and Bakarina tho.
    If we're talking wish then damn i hope we get a print release for the Faraway Paladin, maybe once the author restart writting.

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    Depending on what the special bonuses are I might or might not get the physical copies of certain series. If it's just something like textless illustrations the I probably would get the physical. Especially for series that physical are caught up with translations like with Bookworm.

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    @drone205 Bookworm, FMP and Crest of the Stars likely were exception, Sam is probably going to wait and see how good the digital version do before considering print for most other series.

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    @raitoiro I would pay an extra $10/volume for Faraway Paladin

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