The Digger Came From The Mythological Age (Isekai dato omottara hōkai shita miraidatta ~ shinwa no jidai kara kita hakkutsu-shi ~)

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    The volume 1 for this is free on Bookwalker right now, and I figure it's kind of a different enough setup + hero job specification (archeologist?) to highlight briefly.

    What is this?

    It's an Isekai story, but it takes place in the future after the world collapses (kind of like Doctor Stone). It sounds like part of the 'cheat' for our hero in this future society is basically the knowledge he has of his past world helping him to dig out treasures and artifacts.

    Synopsis (Rough Machine Translation)

    Japan aims to revive in a future where the civilization has collapsed. The popular web novel archeological excavation fantasy will be a book!

    High school student Sora came to wake up not only in a different world but in the future after 4000 years! And it turns out that it is Japan that has seen a catastrophe and civilization has degenerated. However, modern Japan where Sora is from is called the "mythological age", knowing that cars at that time were super valuable, and changing the mindset! To develop a lost society, cheat of modern knowledge and new age aiming to be an "excavator" who digs out artifacts of the mythical age by making use of the ability "Qi". Archaeological site excavation fantasy that ordinary boy makes industrial revolution in the future!


    To Books (same as Ascendance of A Bookworm + other series here).


    Complete. 3 volumes.

    The first volume of this one is free on Bookwalker for a short while, so if you want to practice Japanese or if you can read it and want to preview it, give it a go. It's also on Narou.



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