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    I just bought the premium e-book for Little Apocalypse seeing that it was released yesterday. When I go to my library, it used to say it's not available until January 7th 2017. It now got enabled, but if I try to download it I get the following message:

    {"error":{"name":"Error","status":500,"message":"ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/home/deploy/ebooks/i-saved-too-many-girls-and-caused-the-apocalypse-volume-1.epub'","errno":-2,"code":"ENOENT","syscall":"open","path":"/home/deploy/ebooks/i-saved-too-many-girls-and-caused-the-apocalypse-volume-1.epub"}}

    Looks like a file is missing somewhere...

    Thank you!

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    Just wanted to drop in and say I'm having the same issue. Would really appreciate a fix as soon as possible so I can get around to reading this.

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    I haven't actually finished preparing the premium edition yet, will be done in about 12 hours. I had the release date set for the wrong timezone.

    Sorry about the delay.

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    Can you give a hint as to the bonuses?

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    Okay! Premium Ebook is ready to download for everyone!

    The bonus content (aside from the high-res images) is a Glossary of all the characters and items that you'll encounter in this book.

    In a long series like this, we figured it might be handy later on if you want to refer back.

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    Thanks! Downloading it right now

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    @Sam-Pinansky Is it possible to make a list somewhere on the site or in the forums, that contains a list of all premium content you receive for any E-Book you purchase with a premium credit.

    I may have missed it, if it is already in existence, in which case my apologizes.

    If it is a forum thread can you also lock and pin it somewhere it can be easily accessed and updated as more Premium E-Books become available.

    Thank You for your consideration.

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    Actually I was thinking of putting a section for it in the volume page itself, maybe under the series summary.

    I'd need to add a new entry in the database for the info but it's probably worthwhile.

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    I encountered a wee bit different problem with the same Little Apocalypse e-book.

    Basically I have signed up as a premium member, and used my free credit on another book (My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World).

    Still, although I read it, I liked it and wanted to buy also Little Apocalypse, so I redeemed a credit by paying that 6 $ (or something like that).

    Then, I navigated to the title itself, selected the premium for payment and clicked Redeem.

    Then came the seemingly never-ending loading icon.

    I attempted to retry the buy after signing out and signing in, but failed in the same manner.

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    @Vilidious Thank you for pointing this out!

    I just pushed an update a few hours ago to the back end to add in saving the date when you redeem credits to the database (I had forgotten to save that), and it looks like I broke credit redeeming.

    I will debug this and update the back end right now.

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    @Vilidious Okay, problem solved! Please wait about 5 minutes then try again.

    It was a boneheaded error on my part, my apologies. (At least it was trivial to debug, just forgot to call the next() function!)

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