Instead of Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash 15th vol. author is expanding vol.14+ to vol.14++!! slated for JUNE!!!

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    I was stupid, I read the blurb, thinking it would say what kind of short stories we could expect, like vol14+, but that time it was what look like a big spoiler.
    From what i unfortunatly read it seem like it's a + volume only because it follow Yume, but with what's happening inside, it definitly seem like it's going to be one of the most important book for the serie. And i think it make sense to have a vol for Ranta and one for Yume while the team is away.

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    I actually sort of predicted this when I saw that 14+ was about Ranta, with three of the six short stories that were bonuses for the anime DVDs. It only made sense that we'd have another volume for Yume, with the rest of those stories included at some point.

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    I would really like to know what's going to happen in volume 15 because after reading 14 I'm ready to abandon ship. Maybe this 14++ will shine some light on the direction this series is taking...

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    Sounds like Intel's 14nm process nodes, lol

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    I'm interested. I think this is a wise move since the majority of the series is kind of seen/experienced through Haruhiro's viewpoint/personality. He is kind of apathetic at times so his internal thoughts can be surface level on anything not dealing with his Party. Additional perspectives can help with the world building, which I love. Seriously, the spin-off ecchi Grimgar series, What's wrong with a Hero being Jobless, gives more information about Alterna in its first two chapters than the entire 14 volumes of Grimgar has. And that translated chapter 13 alone, gave so much information on the Elves in Grimgar.

    So, this has the potential to do some great world building.

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