Forum for each J-Novel Club series, other suggestions

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    Currently, the Members Only forum is kinda messy, things are a bit too mixed together. is barely used and I think it's more intuitive for people who want to discuss the series here to go there (like the name of the sub-forum implies).
    I'd suggest keeping the Members Only forum for just general threads for members only and turn J-Novel Club Series into a hub for other sub-forums for each series that'd have the discussion threads and discussions by members related to that series. I think currently people are just posting all discussion threads in Light Novel Discussion, this would help centralize these threads for specific series too.
    You could even separate J-Novel Club Series from Light Novel Discussion. Obviously these sub-forums for each series would be restricted to non-members (outside of the free previews threads).
    The current threads in J-Novel Club Series would be moved to just Light Novel Discussion (there's barely any anyway).

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    These are good suggestions, I am thinking something similar since most discussion here seems to be from members anyway.

    Segmenting the parts discussion into the members only section was really to help prevent spoilers to people who don't have subscriptions, but it's probably not very important at this point.

    I should try and program a decent spoiler plugin for this forum... any volunteers?

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