Book released but only preview

  • I got the Amagi Brilliant Park vol 5 on amazon but it appears there is only 18 pages and it is the preview

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    I have reported this to JNC management, they should address it as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • been about 3 days now ,still hoping for an update

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    You should also contact Amazon, if you haven't already. From our side, the book was uploaded in full, so we don't know why Amazon gave you the preview EPUB to download.

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    Earlier this month, I got an email from Amazon saying they couldn't automatically update one of my Kindle books; I had to go online to "manage content" to get it to update.

    The reason they couldn't updated it was, "You initially received the wrong book, but the publisher has corrected the problem and we can now offer you the correct book."

    Maybe you also have an update sitting there, awaiting manual intervention?

  • Yup amazon has placed it under review so i guess i just need to wait for the update to come out.

  • Been about two weeks now .Anyone got any information about updates and whatnot for this?

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    @caparon Maybe ask Amazon, they're likely the one concerne now that the book is out. Try asking on their Twitter, they're pretty quick to respond.
    Otherwise send a new email to JNC.

  • Issue is with J Novel side.Wrong file or something given to amazon so this jnovel appears to be at fault. Tried emailing them days ago but receive no response ,i think i screwed up their email so can anyone email them about this?

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    @caparon JNC has made it known multiple times that they gave Amazon the correct file, they have also tried numerous times to contact amazon via email and phone calls to no avail.

    This is on amazon’s end, and JNC is trying to rectify it as fast as they can.

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    @caparon Both times you posted you received a "talk to Amazon" reply because we checked and it's all fine on our end. If you want a Twitter history of the issue, here you go:

    Amazon screwed up this time and didn't push the final version (we definitely uploaded it on time...)

    Bug amazon, they have been refusing to answer my support inquiries and just tell me "their technical team is looking into it" with no change.

    Amazon screw up they still haven't fixed despite repeated emails/telephone calls for over 2 weeks now.

    The last email I received from them (yesterday) apologized for taking so long to resolve the issue and asked for us to continue waiting. There is nothing I can do except wait for Amazon to fix it.

    I'm not sure why you concluded that "jnovel appears to be at fault," but I assure you, we're doing what we can, there's just not much we can do since it's a problem on Amazon's side.

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    @caparon I recommend demanding a refund from amazon, and then buying the volume from one of the other retailers J-Novel is partnered with, such as Kobo, Google Play Books, Nook, iBooks, or Bookwalker. All of those stores have the correct version of the volume and are the exact same price.

  • Now i see. Sorry for jumping to conclusions as that was what amazon support replied to my messages which led me to assume jnovel was at fault here. Sorry.Thanks for the updates.

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    I wouldn't read too much into front line support for big companies. The people answering the ticket often don't have the ability to look too deeply into your issue. They're likely basing their response on the idea that Amazon processes should never allow them to upload the incorrect version of a file to their site, so the problem has to be the publisher.

    But I'm with Pancake here, unless you have a specific reason to stick with Amazon here, you might see if they'll refund your purchase and just get it from somewhere else.

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