Master of Ragnarok v7 bonus illustrations broken

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    I just bought vol 7 of Master of Ragnarok on the site and noticed that the bonus illustrations at the back of the ebook are broken. I tried it on two different reader and neither will display the illustrations :(

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    Yes I have Emailed JNC about this issue, for stuff like this it is better if emailed.

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    Broken in what way? When did you download?

    I downloaded the book just before 9am Chicago time (14:00 utc) and Calibre, Firefox, and Kindle display the text-less pictures in the back.

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    @someoldguy if you put the book directly into iBooks or google play book the Premium Textless Color illustrations are not present, they have placeholders there saying “bonus 2”, “bonus 3”, etc.

    However as I said I have already emailed Sam about this, and this has happened in a previous Premium Edition of a different series.

    Also I downloaded this morning but I downloaded again just now...

    alt text

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    For everyone who bought the premium version, it has been updated so the the Textless color illustrations are now viewable.

    Also I will be locking this topic as it has been addressed.

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