Is anyone using the Honto app?

  • Is anyone using the Honto app for japanese ebooks? If so, what about your experience with it? Is it worth it to buy light novel and manga raws on it? How about the quality? Are you satisfied with it (even if the image quality is quite bad sometimes)?

  • I had it. They're pretty good. Nice image illustrations quality (compared to Amazon) & frequent 20-25% discount.

    I should note that if you want the android app then VPN is required to download from play store for the first time, but after that you don't need VPN anymore. For pc client you don't need VPN.

  • Translators

    I use the PC version when translating novels. It has a big advantage (over BookWalker, the only other one I've tried) in that you can highlight text and open a google search. It also has a search feature, which is great when the book quotes itself. It can be a little sluggish turning pages, and hard to convince it you want to stop highlighting text.

    I don't use it for manga because there's no easily accessible zoom. BookWalker has zoom buttons right there, which you often need (and it has much faster navigation around the book, since you can just type in the page number, and there are buttons for turning pages.)

  • The quality is really good, as well as the pure amount of books available (not to mention all the sales).

    The only problem I find is when reading magazines. The reader is kind of slow when turning page, and takes ages when trying to use the table of contents. Actually, the download function (on phone) can be really annoying at times, when it cancel the current download, just because you closed the app or went to check on another book in your library.

    I usually prefer using Google Books, since I've got access to Google Translate as an pop-up function. You can also choose to only look at the reading (if kanji) or the Japanese explanation, which helps a lot if you want to train readining a pure informational text.

  • Not yet but thanks to this thread, I'd definitely give it a try now since I didn't want to buy certain magazines and books in physical format due to their weight

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