Regarding [New Life+] Suspension Status....

  • I know this question was asked quite a lot of times for the past few months, I apologize if it was already answered in another thread, it's just I don't have access to every thread available because of my status as a non Premium Member, even so, as of today it will be almost a year after the announcement of the cancellation of the anime and the novel shipments halted including a hiatus on the series, my question is regarding the stance of JNC in the official translation of the remaining published volumes. Quoting the official Statement "With Regards to the recent controversy surrounding problematic statements made by the original author of [New Life +] Young again in Another World J-Novel Club will be suspending it's publication and sales of the english edition of the series after Volume 3 starting July 1 2018, pending further consultation with the japanese right holders"
    So after almost a year is there no possibility of a new statement if the series will be resuming translation? forgive me if I'm misinterpreting things as english is not my native language, but suspension instead of outright cancelation means the license it's still active right? if so, could it be possible for J Novel to continue the translation of the remaining 15 volumes and just maybe by the end of the translation the issues in Japan will be resolved? or is it impossible to continue the translation until same issues are resolved and the publisher gives the ok to continue? My point is..... should we consider the license of this series dead and over or is there any chance it could be revived in the future?

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    I’d guess it’s 80% likely that it’s dead. Whoever funded this lost a lot of money on the anime and I feel like Japanese publishers hold grudges.

  • I think you should probably consider this dead. The stigma attached to this series is pretty big after all. I heard it costs quite a bit to license and get someone to translate a series so j-novel pretty much made a lost on this one. There are also public image risk for continuing this series. You might argue "separate the work from author" but if they license this the money goes to that Author so yea still bad public image.

    going and renegotiating the deal would probably be somewhat awkward.

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    The manga has started coming out again, so there is a really small chance the LN might continue to at some point. But yeah, it's really really small...

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    @santi-brathana Sam has said before that the light novels sold pretty well and they were making a good profit on them.

  • @vergilx said in Regarding [New Life+] Suspension Status....:

    I apologize if it was already answered in another thread, it's just I don't have access to every thread available

    There wasn't any big and/or official statements after that. From what I read JNC and HJ arranged some replacement licenses in a way that neither party feels particularly fucked over.

    suspension instead of outright cancelation means the license it's still active rigth?

    AFAIK unpopular light novel series are pretty frequently put on "suspension" and forgotten sometime later and never properly announced to be cancelled. This is a different case, of course, but you shouldn't put much hope in that wording.
    Also, series are licensed as individual volumes, not as a whole. JNC only have a license for first 3 and maybe like one or two more.

    or is it impossible to continue the translation until same issues are resolved and the japs give the ok to continue?

    If you are asking if JNC can translate it while HJ is against that the answer is maybe yes but of course they won't because they'll just piss of their business partners and will be stuck one or two volumes later without newer license.

    HJ stopped all publications in response of outrage. "We suspended all publications* (* exceptions apply)" isn't a very strong message (there's also manga but you can blame kadokawa on that), so English version probably won't continue unless novels properly continue in japan (and even then there's a question about profitability of 15+ volume long series that's mostly known for anime being cancelled incredibly fast because author was racist).

    the japs

    This is considered as ethnic slur, fwiw.

  • @legitpancake he did say that. But I thought the whole dealing with aftermath means he end up with a loss for this? I could be wrong though

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    @santi-brathana he had Licensed more volumes beyond V3, so that would be a lot of wasted money, however he worked out a deal so the licensing fees he already paid allowed him access to a new Series...

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    @_08 said in Regarding [New Life+] Suspension Status....:

    @vergilx said in Regarding [New Life+] Suspension Status....:

    the japs

    This is considered as ethnic slur, fwiw.

    Thanks for pointing this out. While I don't think the original poster had a malicious intent in using it, it probably would be better if he didn't abbreviate their ethnicity this way. This is what American troops called the Japanese during world war 2 and I know that to some Japanese people it can be extremely offensive. Unfortunately there are a lot of abbreviations for various ethnicities that are considered offensive to those of that ethnicity.

    I really want them to pick this license back up as well. Unfortunately I don't know if they will. I have stopped holding my breath on it. If Sam knows whether or not they will pick this up now he is probably not saying anything for good reason. From my perspective, it appears he has a good relationship with the publisher, and I am sure he doesn't want to do anything that would risk that.

  • Replace New Life+ with World Teacher?

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    Regarding that epithet...

    It was just used in the latest part of Infinite Stratos. (As an ethnic slur, appropriately enough.) It reminds me of another epithet that gets used here in America frequently. If you're part of that demographic, using it is acceptable. Otherwise, don't even think about it.

  • Thank you all for taking the time to answer my thread, regarding about the use of the word "japs", sorry, I didn't mean any ill, I honestly thought it was just a simple way of abreviate japanese people so I didn't thought too deeply about it, still, I'll be careful in the future about this so thanks for letting me know.

    Anyways, a shame the fate of this project, even with the isekai cliche I honestly enjoy stories with a strong MC no matter the theme of the story, I really liked reading how Renya destroyed those noble kids and the way his character thinks in general.... well, back to the Fan translations I guess....

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