Web application improvement ideas

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    Firstly, the web reader preferences could be remember for either the profile or the duration of the session.

    As an use case example, I like to read in double page format, but have to reset my favorite settings every time I go to the next part, which is a minor inconvenience.

    Second, I feel that it takes quite a few button presses to find a list of available chapters for all titles.

    Maybe you could do a release table, or something, where you have each title on a separate row and volume/chapter number in column headers. As an added bonus, you could grey out the parts the user has read.

    That would be nice, if not for the casual non-registered users, then at least to members.

    Third, since you'd like to get improvement ideas and fixes to pre-releases, you could add a "mark typo" -box below the reader where you could type a short description of the typo (of course remembering the page and user who marked it) and it would magically appear in your own private list of fixes for each book for the translators. Of course, this would be best to allow only for registered users to avoid misuse.

    The pros would be two-fold: you wouldn't have to do as much parsing around the forum, and the readers would be more inclined to report typos. At least I simply shrug off minor typos while reading, and forget about them and/or don't feel they warrant the trouble of making forum posts for every typo I see...

    That's it for me for the time being. :)

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