Bookworm is unlucky.

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    I wanted to start off by saying I am happy book worm is getting an official translation that will eventually be much faster to come out than the previous 1 chapter per 30 days or so.

    On the other hand I can't be the only one who noticed that this series being licensed by an online only publisher is a pretty bad joke right?
    The whole story is about making paper books!

    I know the main character would probably use a tablet sometimes and say "any port in a storm" or something and I will survive. It's just a really weird feeling though.

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    The first volume of the series in print is coming out in September or October if I recall right. But yeah, it will get printed, too, just not right away.

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    Yeah V1 physical is set to release 9/3/19

    Amazon Link

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    @terabyte That is some excellent news, now I can own this story as this story intended.

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    Would you have rather Yen Press had licensed it with their 1 book per 4 months schedule, meaning they would finish it in 8 years, compared to JNC's projected 3-4? Also, these days, the English light novel market sells just as good if not better as ebooks when compared to paperbacks, and ebooks have none of the production and stocking costs and delays associated with physical books. J-Novel will be able to release it as fast as the translation/editing team can finish each book, and then Sam has already devoted to releasing the paperbacks as soon as the market can allow them. As others have said, the first 2 books are already available for preorder with expected release in September and November 2019. I see far fewer drawbacks with JNC's license than any other publisher.

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    Just to clarify things, the announcement that Bookworm was getting a physical edition was on April 20.

    Also, as is often discussed, physical books need to be submitted to retailer distribution catalogs 6 months in advance, meaning that the release date of September 3 points to the decision to print Bookworm back to March 3, which is before JNC even announced they had picked up the book.

    This conclusion may be slightly off since I'm not that versed in the industry, but I think it's all based on previously-revealed information.

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    @darkapostle said in Bookworm is unlucky.:

    being licensed by an online only publisher

    I think you are mistaken in that point, as pointed out previously JNC will have hard copies for sale via the common outlets (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kinokunia etc.), and apparently planned to from day 1 of acquiring the license, but more importantly you are characterizing JNC incorrectly:

    JNC is a publisher. (period)

    • they are not online only (although access to pre-pubs is online)

    • they are not 'ebook' only (although ebooks will get published before dead tree versions)

    • they have multiple LN series in print (on paper) both independently and via partnerships w/ Seven Seas (and have for quite a while)

    your mileage may vary (if hard copies are available in your market/country) but I can tell you from first hand experience - hard copies /paperbacks of multiple JNC titles are on on the shelves at traditional bookstores in the Chicago area where I live

    I imagine that I am mostly preaching to the choir for most who'll read this post on the forum, but for folks less familiar with JNC can take note

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    This topic is starting to veer off course so I will lock it down, it was simply that OP was unaware that JNC has started doing physical books.

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