Would you buy LN raws, even if you can’t read the language?

  • Would you buy LN raws, even if you can’t read the language? Or would you rather stick to the licensed versions, or fan translations?

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    Outside having memorized the Hiragana and Katakana characters I do not pretend to know Japanese.

    I do not read any fan translations at all, I am firmly in the “wait for it to be licensed”, camp.

    If something is never licensed it sucks but it’s not the greatest loss, companies (like JNC) are licensing more and more LNs all the time, so I always have something to read...

    Since I can’t read Japanese I do not buy raws, that being said I do own 1 Japanese LN that I am sure will never get licensed (Black Clover LN). Only reason i bought it is cause the LN actually ties in directly to the manga storyline, so under the guise of “one day I will start learning kanji”, I bought it.

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    If I love that LN very much, and if it doesn't have any official translation, maybe I will buy raw to support the author.
    And to buy raw even if there is an official translation published, well, that needs a tremendous amount of love.
    Otherwise, nope.

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    If it was a work I loved, I might buy 1 volume ( that contained art I particularly enjoyed, or as a souvenir of a trip or con. )Especially if I managed to get the author or artist’s autograph on it.
    Otherwise I’d buy translated/licensed works. That way I support the author/artist (and if I purchased dead tree version) also get my “fix” for a tangible product. I feel that there is something special about having a physical book that connects me to the author or artist. (And then reading it) I’m a sucker for waiting in lines at book signing events for the chance.

    By the way: that’s another reason to have a JNC newsletter on the homepage ( vs discord/Twitter) what cons/cultural events will JNC be part of? What authors/artists that JNC has published will be attending what cons? (Or book signings) Can I buy more JNC merchandise and get in line please? I’m hoping to travel to Japan some day I’ll even do it there

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    I always buy raws for unlicensed series and series I just really love. (For example, I own all the volumes of Arifureta in Japanese.) It's a way of supporting the author and having a collection.

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    No, I can't bring myself to spend money if I can't read them, I'll stick to licensed translated versions.

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    @jon-mitchell said in Would you buy LN raws, even if you can’t read the language?:

    I’m hoping to travel to Japan some day I’ll even do it there

    If you plan on buying anything limited edition or a signing event, you'll get all the lines you could ever want.

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    I did for bd, ps2/3 games, manga and art books since I could enjoy the pictures, but never considered for a ln so no. Unlike other media there is too little to enjoy in a ln that you cannot read

  • I'd buy it if it's a series that is too niche and I really love, seeing it in my shelf hoping one day it'll get licensed even if that takes a long time is still something

  • I won't spend money on a book I can't read.

    The only exception I can think of is the Onegai Twins fanbook I bought last year. That was, I believe, the only Onegai Series paperback that didn't get an English release. And it was mostly illustrations anyway.

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