How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Volume 7 not listed?

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    Awesome people at J-Novel Club,
    I use for obvious reasons (I live in Canada) and How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Volume 7 is not listed on the site. Volume 6 and 8 are there, but volume 7 is not. The book is listed on though.
    I hope this can be resolved easily from your side!
    Keep up the excellent work.

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    Sounds like a setting setup wrong somewhere. Or maybe Amazon delisted it. I remember that Amazon (Germany) delisted a volume of Lazy Dungeon Master for some unspecific reason. Only @Sam-Pinansky or @Aimee-Zink can check anyway though.

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    Is it a search problem? It appears to be there to me...

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    @djgogo Sorting on by "newest arrivals" gives volumes 9, 7, 4, 8, 3, 6, 5, 1, and 2, with paperback and kindle editions intermixed.

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    When I search on Amazon Canada for "how not to summon a demon lord volume 7", I get one search result, for v7 of the LN. However, the paperback link says "unavailable" and the kindle link actually goes to volume 6. So I'm not sure how you're actually supposed to find v7.

    If I search for "how not to summon a demon lord" and sort by newest arrivals, I get, in order:

    LN v9
    manga v7
    LN v4
    LN v8
    LN v3
    manga v6
    manga v5
    LN v1
    LN v2
    Unrelated LN
    manga v1 (but labeled like the LN and not the manga)
    Unrelated LN
    manga v2

    LN v7 does not appear in the search results at all. Nor does LN v5 or LN v6. And as I said, if you do search specifically for volume 7, it says v7 and links to v6 instead.

    Actually, since Amazon has randomly mixed up the LN and manga links, it's possible that some of those things that actually have "(manga)" in the name link to the LN volumes instead.

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    Thank you for the responses, I checked today, and it is there when it's not on the featured search. I guess that's that!

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