How long is a completed LN series avaible on Amazon?

  • Thinking about buying the raws of ‘A Wild Last Boss Appeared’ and the ‘New Gate’ for my collection. Letting the ‘New Gate’ raws aside, since they are still ongoing, I wanted to buy ‘A Wild Last Boss Appeared’ first, but can do so probably only in August (there are a lot of birthdays until then waiting for me to buy presents) and wanted to ask around, if someone knows how long completed light novel series are still avaible on the japanese Amazon (unfortunately I can’t use another (online) store, it’s quite cheap with the shipping and I don’t need to go to the customs)? How long will each volume be avaible until it’s out of print?

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    I don't think there's really any set answer for that. If the series is selling well, the publisher is going to print more book same as anywhere else. Amazon is going to order stock and they'll sell it as long as they have that stock. So how long a book or series is going to be available depends on how much stock amazon has, how fast people are buying that stock and whether the publisher is printing more books.

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