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    Decided to downgrade to the normal membership as my renewal was coming up. Only way I could see doing that was to cancel membership, then re-sub to the normal membership.

    I started the process on a Windows 10 desktop in Edge but then decided to switch to my MacBook. I did not close the window on my desktop. After using Safari auto-fill to fill in the card number, I filled in the rest and received this error:

    Could Not Update User and Group:Something was wrong with the request payload you passed in.

    I then entered the information again and pressed Submit.

    Same error, however I decided to refresh the page to find I was a member.

    However, I was double charged on my MasterCard.

    For debugging purposes:
    Windows 10 Pro 1607 | Edge 38.14393.0.0
    macOS 10.12.3 Beta (16D25a) | Safari 10.0.3 (12602.4.8)

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    @erictbar I'll look into what happened on our system. Edit: Yup, you had two subscriptions at once... I've refunded one charge and cancelled one of the 2 subscriptions.

    I think this is probably an issue with the forum integration code which tries to update which "group" you belong to on the forum... No longer being a premium member means no longer being part of the group that has access to the premium member sub forum, but since no one has attempted to downgrade yet there might be a bug in that I missed.
    I can patch over this issue by adding in a check in case you are trying to buy a second subscription while already having an active one.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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    Thanks. I think as a result of what you did I am no longer able to view posts in the member forms though (not premium member forums).

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    @erictbar Yeah, fixed that too!
    It removed you from the Premium Members group but failed to add you to the Members group for some reason, that was the error you saw. It doesn't attempt to do this until after the subscription goes through obviously, so I should make sure to figure out what is going wrong with the Member group adding and in addition add a sanity check before creating a new subscription that you don't already have an active one.

    I actually built the system to be able to handle multiple subscriptions on the same account simultaneously... (like for example if, in the future, we have separate subscriptions for josei novels or R-18 novels... something like that?), but it's not really practically useful right now.

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