Steampunk lightnovels

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    Looking for light novels featuring steam powered aircraft, vessels and armoured vehicles. With a war and politics theme (maybe an alternative ww1/2 like Tanya the evil).

    Any suggestion?

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    @renofury It's more WW2 style story than really steam punk but maybe try:
    "Allison" (and its following series) or "To aru hikushi e no tsuioku"

    There's also Violet Evergarden but there's not much steampunk element

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    @raitoiro Those are really good suggestions appreciated will try Alison since I have already watched the movie of Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku.

    For Violet evergarden I have watched the anime so the story is spoilt too, and yes wasn't exactly what I was looking for thou I had really enjoyed the many flashbacks in it.

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    Maybe you can try Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasuka? Isogashii desuka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desuka?
    It has magic, it has flying ships and floating islands, it has a lost civilization, it has a war and a lot of battles... Well, I don't think overall it's what you are looking for though.

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    not so much steam as diesel punk from what I understand:

    The Hikūshi light novels with their emphasis on World War II-style air combat:
    To Aru Hikushi E No Tsuioku
    Toaru Hikushi e no Koiuta
    Toaru Hikuushi e no Seiyaku

    oops Raitoiro just posted these

    what did you think of Clockwork Planet or Gear Drive? both had steampunk-like elements (but no aerial dog fights)

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    @tgquan67 I had read that one almost all of it but I didn't finish the last chapter of the last volume. I didn't finish it only due the story felt complete before the end and didn't want to spoil it, it was good.

    @Jon-Mitchell Appreciate the advice, about Clockwork Planet, I had first seen it on Bakatsuki while reading Heavy Object (some years back). It really intrigued me but I always kept it for last like a desert that needed to be enjoyed slowly. I have skipped the anime so its still an unspoiled story for me; thanks for reminding me about it.

    About Gear Drive, I read many positive comments on JNL, but never got to it due the hiatus status of the novel.

    BTW found a novel that meets my description (not a ln)

    by Scott Westerfeld – 2009

    In this first book of the YA Leviathan trilogy, an alternate World War I is fought by steampunk machines and biopunk (i.e., genetically fabricated) monsters.

    It is a 3 volume series and is complete; going to start it today.

    Also I had started looking for steampunk novels after reading Mia and the Forbidden Medicine Report. It took place in steampunk industrial revolution world thou it barely had anything steampunk in it other then some brief mention of "steam powered cars", and zeppelins and left me wanting for more.

    It is a standalone volume of around 360pp. And its main theme is love, mystery and medical research. The MC is a heroine that is bullied by a villainess (reverse bakarina), it is not a light-hearted read.

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    I’ve read the Leviathan series, I thought it was quite good. More diesel-punk than steampunk, and I liked the alternative history WW1 bits as well

    You’re in for a treat

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    Also a a fun read in a related genre, Girl Genius, a web comic in a gear/fantasy setting

  • @renofury
    Clockwork Planet almost matches

    light novels featuring steam clockwork powered aircraft, vessels and armoured vehicles. With a war and politics theme

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