Unable to buy Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Manga Volume 1

  • Hi,

    I have currently 9 credits and I bought earlier today another book here, but when I try to purchase Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Manga Volume 1 the processing circle just keeps spinning and nothing more happens. I tried different browsers and devices, so I think this is something related to the server side. Can you please look into this?


  • https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/2404/manga-ebook-faq-june-2019

    Q3: What about premium editions? I've got credits to spend!
    A3: At the moment, there are no manga premium editions. This may change in future if we can get DRM-Free distribution approval, but will be on a title by title basis. Please note that no additional content will be in any premium editions vs. the standard ebook.

    Q4: The site says I can get premium.
    A4: This is a known bug with the site. We're working on a way to disable premium when it's not available and apologise for the inconvenience and confusion.

  • Thanks, I only saw it on my RSS Feed.

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