New Life young again in another world

  • Is there any news on this series EVER returning as i was really enjoying reading it and was very upset and annoyed when it was pulled from circulation. After reading the news articles about the apparent reasons for the cancellation i can quite honestly say, If thats the reasoning behind having an author pretty much destroy his work and withdraw ALL copies then MOST OF THE CURRENT AUTHORS PUBLISHED IN THE LAST 500 YEARS SHOULD HAVE THEIR WORKS DESTROYED. Current novels have racist feminist homophobic nationalist and specieist undertones or references and as for social media tweets or facebook comments PLEASE read what so called celebrities post on their sites rather than single out a relatively unknown author for tweets that most of the world would not understand due to not being able to READ japanese or not bother with because the novel in question is FICTION and bears very little resemblance to reality

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    @anders359 This poor horse has been beaten beyond death until it's fork tender. In my politically incorrect opinion, there was some nationalist politics involved and a large amount of behind the scenes pressure to kill this series. The speed with which events happened surprised everyone. Had it not been selected to have an anime made from it, I doubt anything would have been said.

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    I don't know, the manga has been slowly translated in recent months, though I'm not sure they are new chapters or old chapters before the pandemonium.

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    yea, all that

    unfortunately JNC gets to license these works solely based on deals with the Japanese publisher. This author caused that publisher to 'lose face' and they are not in a hurry to re-license this series and JNC (I suspect) doesn't want to do anything to jeopardize possible future license deals with this publisher - the return just isn't worth the investment. At this point this isn't a 'political correctness' issue anymore. It's (I believe) a pragmatic business decision on JNC's part. New Life+ (I suspect) will be on hiatus for a while, perhaps years, maybe forever. At least until JNC has licensed enough series from this publisher that New Life+ isn't a large percentage of the business, and the embarrassment is forgotten.

    It seems to me the whole kerfuffle is less about what the author said, or his sentiments, and more about embarrassing the businesses he has to work with. I wouldn't be surprised if future works by this author are (by necessity) published under a different pen-name

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    @jon-mitchell A different pen name... Yeah, that's a very real possibility. Honestly, the whole thing reminded me of the uproar over John Norman's Gor series.

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    @paul-nebeling said in New Life young again in another world:

    John Norman's Gor series.

    now there's a blast from the past

    I remember voraciously reading those when I was a teenager (30+ years ago) they were passe by then and I didn't know anything about the criticism- I just knew that they were in my Dad's collection of sci-fi paperbacks and mildly raunchy adventurous-escapist fun that didn't require deep thought to enjoy

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    The manga is still being actively released in Japan, but it isn't the same publisher. Hobby Japan (who are very small) does the light novel while Kadokawa (who are very large) does the manga.

    The manga did go on hiatus, but resumed in August of 2018. The next chapter comes out on June 22nd:

    The light novel returning is entirely dependent on Hobby Japan deciding to do so.

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    @jon-mitchell Not that he would have any problems with another name. Luckily for him (publicly) only his alias is known. Although doesn't he still use this name for Broke Mercenary?

    A pity that this would not help this work. Not like he can continue with (don't mark my words, I think 16 Volumes are published) Volume 17 under another name

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    I enjoyed the story a lot and still do. Keep us updated if any of you guys find any new information regarding this matter.

    Regarding the the post from the author and the reaction it caused - screw you bunch of hypocritical ignorant assholes. Go and read a random chinese story and lets see if you will find any racist or sexist remarks in it.

    Im just pissed how the chinese are able to put so much effort into something so worthless. You like to read about manly domineering one of a kind MCs, but holy crap are they a bunch of sheeps. A perfect description is the generic evil young master and his group picking on a loner/weakling.

    Sorry, just needed to off some steam.

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    Alrighty I would say that’s enough on New Life + for the time being, the main point of the topic was to see if any new info was out about the series and as others of said there isn’t, so I will be locking this post down, in the future if there is any news the people on this forum will more then likely be the first to know...outside of people who work directly for JNC.

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