It´s My Life (Manga)

  • Synopsis : A knight captain at long last after a grueling ten years service has left and with what he saved over the years bought a new home... a castle fit for a man seeking a peaceful life. To relax and enjoy life. Alas... that peace will continue to last, but hijinks will come with his house warming gift. A hobbit/midget elf/child arrives seeking an evil god and assume he is what she seeks. Who is the knight captain to dash a child dreams? More so after losing the chance to correct the misunderstanding.

    And so this is where the adventure begins
    alt text
    Publisher : Ura Sunday
    Status : COMPLETED (11 volumes)
    Genre : Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Comedy,Drama,Romance,Slice of Life
    Anime : Yes (8 minute OVA)

  • The art is just soo GOOD!!! just lookin at those covers MAN!!!alt textalt textalt text

  • Authors new Series KILLING ME / KILLING YOU made ANIME PV to Avoid Cancellation! Let´s hope it will not get cancelled,Art is just stunning to throw it away!
    alt textalt text
    alt textalt text

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