[manga] Stalker Koui ga Barete Jinsei Shuuryou Otoko (The End of My Life as a Stalker)

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    Stalker Koui ga Barete Jinsei Shuuryou Otoko
    Written by Tsukasa Monma
    Art by Sere Kesera
    Published by Magazine Pocket (Kodansha)
    4 volumes (ongoing)

    Life is looking up for Hideo Kagenuma. With only a couple weeks left until he graduates college, he's just landed a sweet job at Sony. At last he can quit his crappy job as a convenience store clerk and move out of his one-room apartment.

    The only downside is, he'll have to give up his hobby.

    You see, anytime Kagenuma spots a cute girl on his train ride home, he'll get off and follow her to her house. Once he has her address, he goes back to his apartment, sketches a picture of her, and pins it to a map he has hanging on his wall.

    As far as he's concerned, he's not doing anything wrong. It's just a fun way to pass the time. The girls never even know he's there. If anyone asks, he's just out for a stroll, and it's just a coincidence his path is following her. Certainly there's nothing the cops can arrest him for.

    Then one night, on his way home from a farewell party with his college buds, a drunk girl sits next to him on the train and falls asleep with her head against his shoulder. He's so captivated by her that he decides to make her his last target. When she gets off, he follows her out of the station. Everything seems to be going perfectly, but as they're approaching her apartment building, she turns around and screams for him to stop following her. He panics and runs away, but the noise gets the attention of a couple cops, and they tackle him before he can get away.

    As he's struggling to get loose, the girl comes running up and says, "This guys been stalking me for the last six months!"

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    has potential....what is HER 'deal"? did she mistake him for someone else (is she really being stalked? or is she paranoid? ) what will the police do when the see the creepy artwork in his apartment? (serial killer much?)

    what will happen with their relationship after the awkward introduction?

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