Cheers! (From the creator of Hidan no Aria)

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    By Chuugaku Akamatsu
    Illustrated by Kobuichi
    Published by MF Bunko J
    4 volumes (ongoing)

    Mao Asaba wants to be a cheerleader. The only problem is, her high school's cheer squad was disbanded due to lack of interest. Can she assemble a rag-tag team of cute and well-endowed girls to resurrect the club?

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    can you fill us in on some more details about this series. Is this a sports/drama/slice of life (in the flavor of Bamboo Blade?) a comedy? a romance? A harem comedy where all of the cheer club is in love with the water-boy (or a Yuri harem where everyone is chasing the MC?)

    I want to upvote it just for the art but...

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    @jon-mitchell There don't seem to be any male characters of significance, but any yuri is left as subtext. Mainly it's one of those stories where a girl has to resurrect a club by using her passion to convince a bunch of students who have no interest in it into joining her. Bamboo Blade is probably a good comparison, or that one from last season about the guy who resurrects the music club at his school.

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    I don't need there to be subtext, or relationship/dating angst, but, I'd like to know if it was there. Thanks. Earnest JK's trying to get a club going and doing what JK's do (rated G?) I'm completely okay with that. (I actually very much enjoyed the Bamboo Blade anime, refreshingly free of romance/perversion)

  • I like the rat and it sounds like a lot of other slice of life anime I enjoy so I'll give this an upvote. It sounds a bit like Anima Yell which I recently watched on crunchyroll, so I'd love to read a similar light novel like that.

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