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    So, I had a premium membership for about two years before this. My membership happened to end last month, and as I was busy at that time and wouldn't be able to read for a while, I put off renewing my sub. Now, I want to start reading again(haven't resubbed yet), and wanted to use my premium credits to buy a book. However, I noticed I can't use my premium credits, nor find the page in the past where I could see how many I had left. Is using my premium credits, even those I've paid for, gated behind being a paying user at the time? Or am I just not seeing it.

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    I think you can alway redeem a credit by directly acceding the redeeming page of the book you want:
    Here it's for "ao oni grudge" but you just need to change the title to the one you want with "-" in place of space.

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    This post is deleted!

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