Totally noob questions regarding subscription

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    I just signed up and totally interested to read Nee-chan wa Chuunibyou but I might find some other interesting titles in the future.

    Before I subscribe or purchase e-books, I want to learn some mechanics so here are my questions:

    • I read that credits can be used to purchase the e-books here and subscribers earn credit(s) once a month. How does the credit-thingy works here? How many credits would I earn per month and how much credits costs an e-book to be purchased?
    • In my country, mobile data is available but it is a pain in the arse to subscribe daily and we are on pre-paid terms, so imagine how inconvenient to top-up cellular credit balance once in a while. I already have wi-fi home so mobile data is an unnecessary extra expense. Now, I want to read novels in offline mode, usually it can be achieved by downloading the e-book and read it using my favorite e-book reader but it is fine if your application can allow me to read in offline mode. Is this possible?
    • If I already purchased something from your service, is it possible to re-read them without subscribing again in case my subscription already expired? If yes, does this applies to those that I already read but not purchased? I love to re-read epic chapters once in a while(like in Desumachi, Knights & Magic, Overlord).


  • @eSPiYa Hey I'm not staff or anything but I may be able to answer a couple of your questions.

    The first one depends on how you subscribed. Currently there is a "regular" and a "premium" subscription. If you subscribed for the premium member, then you receive a premium credit once a month, every 15th of the month. This credit can then be used to purchase the E-Book through this website, otherwise you are welcome to purchase the E-books through other distributors that J-Novel Club has connections to. I don't know them all off hand, but Amazon is one of them. If you would like to purchase additional premium credits, I believe the option is available now to purchase one for $6 through your account page.

    In regards to your 2nd question, once you purchase the E-Book it should be available to download from your account library (assuming you buy it from here). After that, connecting it to whatever E-Book reader you're using should allow you to read it offline (I imagine). I'm not too knowledgeable in this area so you may want to confirm with someone with more experience.

    Lastly, anything you purchased from this website is available for download so you can reread whenever you like. As for if you forget to download it and your subscription ends, I don't believe that makes a difference as it should already be purchased and linked to your account.

    Hopefully that helps a bit with your questions.

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