She is Young [Manhwa]

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    19 years old she vs 31 years old she. Is she two individuals? The childhood version of her came beyond time to meet her boyfriend. The current girlfriend and young girlfriend faces confusion and bewilderment?

    (Source: Manga updates)

    Author: JS
    Artist: Donggul Gom
    Publisher: Lezhin, Toptoon
    Genre: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
    Anime: No
    Status: 73 Chapters (Complete)

    It was licensed before by Toptoon, but it stopped because the author deferred. So I didn’t know if I should publish this suggestion, maybe they would continue publishing the other chapters, maybe not

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    Ok I’m interested

  • I'm going to give this an upvote cause I liek the idea of licensing Manwha.