A member for reading the beginning and ending only?

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    So I paid for the Membership. Why would anyone want to preview the beginning and the most recently translated piece. well you got $5 out of me. Your system doesn't help anyone who is just starting to read Light Novels. I just want to read Arifureta, the membership does nothing to read the past 8 volumes. If I want to read them I have to pay for each volume. I would appreciate if you were more explicit in the agreement before I paid for it. I would have stayed if it were worth it. it isn't.

  • It's on a few pages.

    On the "How It Works" page:
    Prepub releases available only until final ebook published, so become a member today!

    On the FAQ page:
    What benefits do Members get and how much does it cost?
    Becoming a J-Novel Club Member costs $4.95 a month, or $54 a year (=$4.50 a month).
    Members can read the latest pre-publication ('prepub') parts as they are finished being translated for all of our series!
    How long are pre-pub parts available?
    The pre-pub releases are available until the e-book gets published, just like the name says.
    After the final part in a volume is released, there will be a few weeks where we will do final proofreading and typesetting for the e-book, so all parts will be available at the minimum 2-3 weeks, with ~8 weeks for the first parts in each volume.
    Volume X is no longer available? What gives?
    Once a volume has been published as an e-book, it is no longer available for pre-pub reading.
    Please support the author by purchasing the official e-book!
    Or you can sign up for a Premium membership and use your premium credit to download the premium ebook straight from our site!

    I'm pretty sure that if you aren't happy after finding all this out, you can contact them on the support email, and they may refund you. I think they have done that in the past.

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    Additionally to what @Timmaaah has said, it is not like Arifureta will never be readable ever again on this site with a subscription.

    Every month JNC takes several series and reuploads all the parts for members to read, they refer to these as Catchup titles, Arifureta was just on catchup in February so it probably won’t be back for a bit, but it will eventually come back and be available for all members to read.

    If you are dissatisfied with the current subscription you can email support@j-novel.club and request a refund.

    If you follow their twitter page they used to tweet at the beginning of every month what the current month’s catch-up titles and maybe they will again, so you can see when Arifureta comes back out of the vault.

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    @shaela What you're describing is the same issue that I had when I started my subscription, back in the days before catch-up months. Because of that, I've got Volume 1's for both Infinite Dendrogram and Demon King Daimaou. Catch-up months were a game changer, but you've got to be very patient waiting for the title you want to read to come around. That, or you have to buy the earlier volumes for a title you want to read. Admittedly, with a title that's been going for a couple or three years, that's a daunting prospect.

    JNC reminds me of a "book of the month" club. (Almost) every month, there's a new title to sink your teeth into. I can't vouch for everyone, but I will say that of all the titles JNC has published, there is exactly one title that I couldn't get into and dropped.

    In this age of instant gratification, it's hard to hear "Wait a bit. What you want to read will come around.", but it's true here.

  • @rahul-balaggan said in A member for reading the beginning and ending only?:

    If you follow their twitter page they tweet at the beginning of every month what the current month’s catch-up titles

    They do not.

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