Shokei Shoujo no Ikirumichi (Virgin Road)

  • Publisher: GA Bunko (SB Creative)
    Status: Ongoing (1 Volume)
    JP Title: 処刑少女の生きる道
    What's this Story about? So there's a girl named Akari who was Isekai'd after being killed and the MC travels with her pretending to be a friend but is looking for a way to kill her, however because of the sweet nature of Akari she basically becomes shaken up by her I'll put it like this simply put the MCs Intents are hold off on all thanks to how Akari is! Aside from all that this is an Isekai Yuri Story so there's that to look forward to as I don't think we have many of those kinds of stories!

    Why is the MC trying to kill Akari? The reason for this being that she's an Executioner for people who get Isekai'd because they caused problems in the past!

    Extra: Romance is not anything extreme but in the Web Novel Version the Characters have explicit Relationships whether this will be in the Printed Light Novels themselves have yet to be seen obviously. This story also does a very good job of setting it up to where you know it's not gonna be your average Isekai!

    Thoughts: I think this Series sounds and looks promising I mean atop from all the Story-Telling I gave this Series also won the GA Bunko Light Novel Grand Prize Winner which the last one to ever do so was Danmachi 7 years ago so I think that should be more than enough to show that this Series is Truly gonna be something else!

    Update: So there was a post about this Series on the Light Novel SubReddit which I honestly totally missed but there was somebody who posted the Synopsis there It goes as follows:

    In this world, there are "Stray people" who come from a Japan of a different world. But in the past, these rampaging "Stray People" were the cause of a great disaster. And thus, when they are spotted, "Executioners" immediately kill them. In the middle of all this, Menou, an executioner, meets a "Stray Person" named Akari. And without hesitation, Menou carried out her duty and killed Akari. Even though she was supposed to be dead, Akari comes back to life. Menou then joins Akari on a journey, little does Akari know that the reason that Menou joined is to search for a way to kill her. But...

    "Menou-chan, Let's go!"

    "Yes, yes. I know.."

    Before the oddly friendly Akari, Menou's heart started changing little by little.

    So as you can see it's kinda the same as to what I said above but I felt like adding this bit in since it makes the story sound better in my opinion!

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    Yuri and Isekei and award winner? ok gets my vote

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    Another small bump to mention that this series is starting its manga serialization as well.

    alt text

    (Link is slightly NSFW cause the cover has Maxim like model photos posing for a separate article).

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    Someone on the Light Novel subreddit seems to think this will be the first licensed novel annoucement for today's stream. Would be awesome if true!

    Let's see if they're right.

    EDIT: Darn, we'll get 'em next time!

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    I had a really hard time understanding the original request, with the two synopses not really telling the same story. Which is the real synopses? OPs or the one he pasted from the LN subreddit?

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    They look like the same story to me but the subreddit one is more clearly written.

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    Licensed by Yen Press under the title Virgin Road.

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