Kokoro connect volume 7 updates?

  • Maybe it's just me being impatient or just being overly worried. But is there a reason why Kokoro connect volume 7 doesn't have a start date for its releases? It's just that I noticed how Worentia is getting updates almost immediately after the 1st book got released. Is it slowing down because of lackluster sales or something?

  • Staff

    @skyerwby it is not because of sales.

    With JNC they don’t add titles into the release calendar until the first part is uploaded, so not seeing any mention of V7 in the release calendar is normal, there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff that has to happen before a book is ready for uploading (beyond the translating and editing).

    As for why Kokoro V7 is being held up, although this is just my assumption and nothing more, the translator is starting a new series on JNC that will be debuting soon, so she may be busy trying to front load that book before Kokoro V7 starts.

    Edit: According to the translator’s most recent blog post (from 5 hours ago) she will start translation on V7 next week.

  • @rahul-balaggan I appreciate the heads up. I've looked at forums for Kokoro connect and I always see it with less activity then other LN series so excuse my needless worry. Now the wait.

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