The Girl Who Spits Up Jewels/Housekihaki no Onnanoko(宝石吐きのおんなのこ)

  • Summary: “Rear Fiat City is a medium-sized town located in the eastern part of the continent. In some corner of the town, there resides a small jewelry store.”
    Here begins the tale of a girl who loves jewels.

    About a girl that have magic/power to produce gems from her mouth randomly(?) and ran a jewelry shop with a jewelrer/possible love interest, not much infor since only three fan translated chapter.

    To add to the setting, it seems a magic world that have a Wizard Association. From google translation.

    The title speaks for itself I guess, can't find any more summary on or lndb or novelupdate.

    I really adore the illustration of Uchi no ko/ For my daughter id defeat the demon lord, and then found this series from the same illustrator.

    There doesn't seems to be any records of licensing with Ponycanyon books(researched for like half an hour, feel free to prove me wrong) but at least i just want to make this LN known.

    Publisher : PonyCanyon Books
    Status : 8 volumes
    Genre : Fantasy,Slice of Life,Romance,Action
    Manga: No

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    The cover art for the series is beautiful. The artist knows how to draw cute girls but I love their backgrounds too. Here's another summary from the official page:

    Learfiat city, a calm city on the eastern side of the continent.
    There was a small jewelry store with two clerks in one corner of the city. -"Sputnik jewelry store."
    Crew, who is an employee, is a girl who speaks and acts as a little girl, who laughs, gets angry, and maroon hair.
    On the other hand, Sputnik, the shopkeeper, is a disgusting and poor-mouthed man whose good-looking appearance is simply a good-meaning young man.
    The gem shops that these two companies operate are calm and lively today.
    However, Crew had a mysterious constitution ...-"Spit out gems" constitution. That's just the secret of the two.
    Perhaps because of this constitution, their everyday life is caught up in a strange event ... something like Gorotsuki, police station, magic girl, witch society and so on ....
    Sweet, fantasy novel of the girl loved by the jewelry.

    Things are lost in translation though as always via Google. Amazon Japan shows a 9th volume releasing 8/17. I also found this PV for the series.

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    ok sounds a little strange, but I'm intrigued

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    There are around 3 chapters on novelupdates, but it was dropped anw. I'm also for this, mostly the illustrations are absolutely beautiful.

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    Was looking at this series, and then the publisher website where, while still releasing books (volume 10 of this series is coming up on February), having only 3 LN volumes released last year, it doesn't seem like the LN market is a priority for them to say the least.

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    Sounds interesting, especially the part with the jewels.

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