Premium credit wasn't added on the 15th

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    So for the past few months all the premium credits have appeared for me on the 15th, just this one time it did not appear.

    Maybe, just maybe it is because I purchased a premium credit a short while back and that may have messed with the premium credit delivery for my account.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also I will piggyback off of this forum and request a receipt system.

    Right now when I redeem a premium credit, or when I purchase a premium credit I get no e-mail receipt sent to me.

    I like to have backup, on top of backup for all my purchases, it's the accountant in me. So if a receipt system can be inplemented, I thank you.

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    @Rahul-Balaggan There you go! Everyone should have their credits this month.

    It's not actually automatic, I have to trigger it manually.
    I've been focused on something this weekend that's been taking all my attention.

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    @Sam-Pinansky Thank You

    My Big Sister Lives in a Fantasy World!, here I come.

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    @Sam-Pinansky I think you need to trigger the update for March. Also, cron jobs are a thing ;-)

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    Edit: No credit for me yet. TnT

    Did I get one last month?

    Fixed my info so I'm on the sub officially (I was in the "grace period" for a little bit). I haven't gotten a credit for this month yet (at least before I updated the info).

    I asked elsewhere, but don't you get a credit for signing up initially, and then another on the first 15th that passes during your membership? I think I should have two extra credits after the one today if I signed up on December 8th (I have 3 Ebooks now, and it says zero credits). I'm probably wrong about something (my sign up date or whether the sub lapsed before the 15th last month).

  • There hasn't been any credit for me as well, looking forward to reading "Realist Hero" so badly!

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    @Vũ-Thế-Sơn there you go!

    I just sent them out for this month. It's still the 15th in California so I made it ;)

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    I think it is possible to abuse your credit system as it is now.

    I've got a premium membership on the eigth of march and got a credit. On the 15th i've got a second credit.
    Would I cancel my membership and get a new one next month before the 15th I assume I get another 2 credits and so on.

    Maybe exclude new members from the monthly credit payout in their first month?

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    @DasLeswile Don't think so. The credit you got on the 8th is the bonus one which you get for your initial premium subscription; you shouldn't get that one by resubscribing.

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    @Jaquobus It should work where if if you resubscribe to premium it doesn't give you the signing up for premium bonus credit the second time.

    If you used a different account each time, well, yeah. It'd be possible to abuse it that way. But if you are so desperate for free ebooks you can probably pirate them for less work.

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