Maid Detective

  • Title: Maid Deka | Maid Detective | Housemaid Cop
    Links: MAL | Bookwalker

    Publisher: SB Creative
    Label: GA Bunko
    Author: Yuuji Hayami
    Illustrator: Kiyotaka Haimura
    Status: Complete (9 volumes)
    Other stuff: manga (3 volumes), live-action drama (11 episodes)

    Can you smell what the maid is cooking?

    Aoi Wakatsuki is a live-in maid in the home of Toshiaki Kaidou, chief of the National Police Agency. On the surface, this 17-year-old girl is just a maid looking after house and master. But in truth, she is an evil-hating, justice-dispensing maid detective! Her mission: to infiltrate stately mansions that the police can’t investigate and bring to light any crimes hiding within.

    "Evildoers, the maid from hell is waitin’ for ya!"

    You mean apart from the maids and glorious Haimura illustrations?
    Well, how about adding a wacky little crime drama to the lineup? Could be a refreshing change from the usual fantasy world fare.

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    Sounds amusing so I'll give it an upvote.

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    Wow. Haimura's art style is a bit different in this series.

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    Is it a comedy with wacky hijinks, running jokes, slap stick and tons of untranslateable kanji puns?
    Is it dead serious with tons of murder and rape and drugs and eating babies?
    Is it both with wacky murder, running rapes, slappy drugs and dead baby humor?

  • @nichtmalda With a title like Maid Detective + the synopsis, I think it paints a decently clear picture of wacky undercover action. Both ridiculous and serious. In other words: it's fun.
    Man, now I'm starting to get some Index vibes. (Probably because it's the same illustrator.)

    For those interested to know more, it looks like the live-action Maid Deka can be found online with seven or so episodes subbed. I'm steering clear of it cause I don't wanna spoil myself past the first part of episode 1. (Even though I know the likelihood of this ever getting licensed is... not so great.)

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    Is the focus on mysteries to be solved, or is it more about trying to take down known "evildoers" that the official authorities cannot touch?

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    sounds like could be fun
    also in a genre different than anything else JNC seems to currently have in the lineup
    also Kiyotaka Haimura
    also compete w/ 9 volumes (some meat to it) *

    anyone know if "complete" means a series with an "ending" or one that just has no more to be published ?

  • I forgot this one was also from GA Bunko. Time for a little bump.

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    This sounds really fun, I'm getting spy thriller vibes from the description of undercover missions. I would love to be able to read this.