The Strange Adventures of A Broke Mercenary (Kuitsume Youhei no Gensou Kitan)

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    Title - The Strange Adventures of A Broke Mercenary (Kuitsume Youhei no Gensou Kitan)
    Genre - Adventure, action, fantasy (harem/romance?)
    Publisher - Hobby Japan
    Date of publication - 2016
    Status - Ongoing
    Volumes - 9
    Adaptations - Yes - Manga

    Summary - After the soldiers’ mercenary group where he used to work had been utterly destroyed, Loren, who survived the disaster, decided to walk the adventurer’s path as a way to make a living. However, for Loren who had no acquaintances and nothing but an empty pocket on him, receiving a single quest seemed like a faraway aim. So, as he was contemplating about what he should do next, another adventurer called out to him.

    Relevant -

    Did not see this on the search function or the summative list, so throwing out this license suggestions. Some could describe the start of the series as the love child of Goblin Slayer and Guts from Berserker, and it would probably be apt.

    A fantasy series which I recently discovered, the art work in the light novels is actually rather desirable, especially compared to the abstract styles I have seen recently. Non-Isekai, it depicts the journey of a mercenary and his single companion as they fulfil a specific quest (no spoilers sadly).

    Told from the first person perspective mostly, there is a degree of humour, and I quite enjoy the interaction between the hero and the heroine, romantic teasing etc.

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    Hello, a licensing suggestion topic already exists for this title.食い詰め傭兵の幻想奇譚/1

    Please consider showing your support in that topic, for now I will be locking this topic down, since it is a duplicate.

    Additionally for the future, there is a pinned topic at the top of this sub-forum with a compiled list of already established licensing suggestion topics.

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