So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 6 Discussion

  • So I just finished reading recently released volume of spider and and it was overall a nice mixture of different tones it gave off. Other then that all the different timelines can get a bit confusing. Can’t wait until next volume.

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    I plan to re-read 1-5 before starting 6 now that I have a better idea of how the timelines fit together.

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    It was great, it's the first volume were it really felt like the LN surpassed the WN by a long run.
    Sophia and the parralelle minds were especially interesting.

  • @raitoiro haven’t read the web novel but yeah Sophia having a lot of dialogue was awesome.
    Sophia said she hated White in the previous volume and makes me wonder what happens to them both. Is she just talking selfishly when she says that or did White do something to cause her to hate her. I hope we find out next volume.

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    Oh man, I’m off for most of tomorrow and I plan to spend the day reading the fuck out of this new volume. It’s always a celebration when Spider comes out!

    Side note: Just finished volume 6 of Empty Box and that’s probably tied with Spider as my favorite LN. I’m happy it has a planned ending but damn am I going to miss it

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    I am disappointed, especially when taking into consideration where previous volume left us off with the battle against the elf's. The constant jumping between point of views are annoying as well. But I still enjoyed it and looking forward to the next volume.

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    I liked this one a lot (as usual). The focus on one time frame and character and world building we’re all really well done and some funny moments here too.

    Now I just want the next volume to find out what happens next in the latter time period. Bring it on please!

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    @the-green-death I found this volume disappointing, it lacked an epic fight scene like in the previous volumes, and the jokes started to become stale. Moreover the story was sanitised removing the "more objectable" but funny interactions between Kumoko and the bloodsucker baby.

    Not having a Shun chapter, also was a downer since it had left the same cliff-hanger going for more than one volume.