Cross platform purchases?

  • I recently noticed that the completed books are now available through BookWalker, which is where I happen to buy a lot of my digital manga. What are the chances of getting BookWalker vouchers for titles bought through jNovel?
    Brought this up since jNovel doesn't have a dedicated reader for completed titles.

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    You can use free software like Calibre or FBReader to read the epubs on Windows since they are DRM-free and those work much better than BookWalker's (or any other, from my experience) reader.

  • Right, this is easily addressed in other ways since the files aren't protected. But this is just a matter of convenience.

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    I haven't used BookWalker's reader in a while but could you try to put the file in the directory they store their files in and maybe the reader could pick it up? Not actually sure if that works or if it only syncs things from your account and things you download through the reader itself.

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    @Karsin You can add the epubs to Bookwalker's reader and reader them there, no problem. Bookwalker lets you load up your own files in your library.

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