Maou Gakuen No Hangyakusha

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    Author: Masamune Kuji (Author of Ecstas Online and Masou Gakuen HxH)
    Release Date: Possibly in September (it's a new series)
    Genre: Ecchi, Harem

    Unofficial synopsis:
    The next school is the ''Devil's School"! The main character, Morioka Yuto, who is oppressed for the reason of being a human being, bets the seat of the next Demon King and fights against the strongest demons! However, Yuto had a reason to be selected as a candidate ......! ?

    Someones shot summary based on preview chapters:

    • The setting is similar with High School DxD, with devils secretly recruiting humans to work for them. The MC is just a normal high school student, but his parents are working for the devils. His father worked in a company owned by a devil where he worked to make it easier for the devils to do their activity in human society. For his ten years of hard work, he and his wife got presented with ring that has effect of anti aging and allows them to do small magic tricks like creating fire or weak telekinesis.

    • Unlike DxD, humans can't possibly reincarnate into devils at all. At most they will be appointed as "honorary" devils, if they're able to make some great contribution. But the MC one day suddenly received a tarot card with the "Lovers arcana". It's said to be the devil king's arcana and designated the MC as a devil king candidate. Because of it he has to transfer to the devil king academy.

    • From the summary, it seems the arcana will enable him to learn any kind of magic and replenish his magic power infinitely by having skin contact with other devils. In the prologue was hinted that there will be a black haired senpai, a gal classmate, and a silver haired kouhai as his harem members.

    Sketches of the protagonist along with the main girls
    Preview Ilustrations - NSFW

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