That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 6 Discussion

  • Alright so this one was extra long and even beats the previous record for longest light novel volume published from its publisher according to the afterword.

    Either way this volume was a pretty fun read, loved the comedic parts we got. Also love how the author has so many different characters he doesn’t forget about and brings em’ back to the story time to time. Only complaint is not enough Gobta this volume. We got a lot of demon Lords showing up in this volume which makes me wonder if any of them will be mentioned further into the story other then Leon since I’m sure everyone sees him having a focus later on.

  • I greatly enjoyed volume 6, I dont think Leon will become an enemy. Rimuru mentioned that he wants to punch him, but not to the point of killing him. If anything Leon will seek Rimuru out in order to get his help with his pet project. Which I assume involve summoning a loved one from his previous world.

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    It seems there are fan translations for this series and they are two volumes ahead of the official translations. Normally, I wouldn't read fan translations most of the time even if there wasn't any official ones around, but I'm considering reading them for this series, as the 4 month waits for Slime can be rough. Has anyone here read the fan translations? From a quick glance, the translation style does feel rather different, and just from the few lines I read, I feel some of Rimuru's quirky personality has been lost in the fan translation, but what do you guys think? I'm not sure if I really want to read the fan translation at all if the quality is much lower, which is why I'm asking.

    That said, even if I will read the fan translation, I'm still going to 100% surely buy and read the official volumes as well.

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    @amakaze said in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Vol. 6 Discussion:

    as the 4 month waits for Slime can be rough

    It's been like 8 years since A Dance with Dragons......

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    Late to respond and I should be doing so for LN7 instead since it's the latest translated one, but yeah the Fan Transnational is actually really good. I'd say get both since the Official one actually messes up some bits of nuance and translations here and there plus the Fan one gets a few good jokes here and there such as Rimuru comparing himself and the rest coming with his backroom plan as being like the Illuminati, but that it's ok since he's a Demon Lord now.

  • @doomrider7 except that the fan translation covered the WN, the LN has a lot more material in comparison. The Moderate Jesters Troupe wasn't introduced until the Tenma War arc iirc in the WN, Carybdis doesn't even exist, and more.

  • I’ve only read the translations done by YP. Fan translation sounds tempting but I’ll wait. Also Spider LN came out the same day slime did but v7 comes out 2 separate months for both. (Spider comes out first) I started reading both around the same time since I binge read one and hopped to the other fast.

    Spider- So I’m a spider. So what?

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