September 2019 catchups!

  • All September, enjoy these oldies but goodies from both light novel history and J-Novel Club history!

    There is a boy being raised by undead. How did he get there? Why are there no other humans? Why are these undead raising him? Find out in the fan-favorite The Faraway Paladin! We're also publishing the manga!

    On the lighter side, when a high-school boy gets summoned to fight the demon lord, his ability is... to make a bath anywhere he wants? Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension follows Toya as he tries to find a way to contribute to the fight... and also a way to bathe with lots of girls! And we'll be starting a new volume this month!

    A classic series animated first in 2002 and as recently as 2018, Full Metal Panic! is a hodge-podge of action, military, sci-fi, drama, comedy, and high school shenanigans! Look for the 3-book limited-edition omnibus in print in early 2020!

    Another series with an old anime, Crest of the Stars features a human diplomat and an alien princess-cum-pilot as they travel the stars. Check out this classic space opera, also coming to print as a limited-edition omnibus in 2020!

    New prepub volumes launched in September:

    • Infinite Stratos Vol. 10
    • Cooking with Wild Game Vol .5
    • Amagi Brilliant Park Vol. 8
    • The Combat Baker and the Automaton Waitress Vol. 2
    • Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension Vol. 6
    • Record of Wortenia War Vol. 3
    • The Master of Ragnarok Vol. 10

    e-Book release schedule for September:

    • Now Available!
      • Infinite Stratos Vol. 9
      • Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 1 Vol. 3
      • Full Metal Panic! Vol. 3
      • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord Vol. 10
      • Cooking with Wild Game Vol. 4
      • The Combat Baker and the Automaton Waitress Vol. 1
      • Amagi Brilliant Park Vol. 7
    • The Master of Ragnarok Vol. 9 (9/21)
    • Record of Wortenia War Vol. 2 (9/22)
    • Otherside Picnic Vol. 1 (9/23)

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    Great, looks like I'll finally give Mixed Bathing a try.

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    Yay! I've been wanting to try Faraway Paladin. If I have time I might check out Mixed Bathing, since I hear it's good even if the description is dubious. Already caught up with and following the other two. I like Crest of the Stars a lot but am lukewarm on Full Metal Panic so far.

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    @myskaros said in September 2019 catchups!:

    And we'll be starting a new volume this month!

    Best thing I can get out of this.

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    I think I'll give FMP a second chance. I was in the middle of volume 2 when I stopped. The rest I'm already caught up with or waiting for the next volume on.

    If only we had news on a new volume of The Faraway Paladin. We've had miracles happen recently for other series, I hope one day we'll have one for this great series too.

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    @hyperion You can't have miracle when the author shot himself in the foot and don't know what to write.

  • When will Vol. 5 of "My Next Life as a Villainess All Routes Lead to Doom!" going to come out?

  • @gary-l-thompson \

    There is no official release date as of yet.

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    @gary-l-thompson Sam had this to say about Bakarina on Discord:
    alt text

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    Still not seeing any sign of Altina, I hope it gets posted soon.