Only 1 part of Grimgar volume one?

  • @Terrence @Pmf96 guys thanks for replying to my request. . It really eased my decision as they all seemed as good light novels. I think I'll settle on Big sister, Paladin and wait for realist hero... Sigh you know that feeling when you don't have enough money to buy everything you want. Anyways thanks again :D

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    @ImIlyaz You welcome. Glad we could help :smile:
    Hmmm... Don't you have a membership here on the website? If the money is a problem i think that It's a lot easier having a membership in J-Novel. At least for me is a lot easier and cheaper u.u

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    @Totte you mind if I post the question you asked on Goodreads about Realist Hero here? It's bugging me now too. xD

    Maybe we should make a thread for random questions. Actually, I'll go throw it in the Realist Hero Part 6 thread since that's where it comes up.

  • @Pmf96 Yeah that is a good idea. But I like the idea of having an e-book that I can go back to read whenever I want. But in the future I that'd be a nice idea

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    @ImIlyaz Yeah, I understand, I also would prefer having the e-book of the series, but since is cheaper for me to pay for a subscription I end up doing it :cry: Plus in the premium subscription we have a credit each month that we can spend to buy an e-book, so I can slowly get the ones that i want :smile:

  • @Pmf96 ahh I see hahah. That'd be 12 books a year right? Not too bad if you're patient

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    @ImIlyaz A lot patient xD Though, since is to save money I don't mind if I don't own the E-book. Plus, in the premium membership, you can buy each E-Book for $6 :smile:
    I only intend to buy the E-Books that were already published and I didn't get the chance to read them... and if I end up getting some extra credits I probably will buy the E-Books of the series that I enjoy the most :3

  • @Terrence Sorry for the late reply, glad it's solved :laughing:
    That link was interesting. For some reason, I never thought it would be such a recent issue.

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