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    Today when I visited the forum, I found out that I was logged in under another account (someone named MangoK***** I don't remember exactly). I logged out immediately (so whoever that was, don't worry!) and relogin with my account again, but I was kicked out several times after that (session expired), even though I have never been logged out of the forum on my PC (Windows 10, latest Firefox) since I joined. Forum login on my phone (Android, Chrome) was still alive and working as normal.
    Some more details: the top panel showed 22 unread topics (the real number), but when I clicked on it, it showed only 2. The avatar was of the other account, and when I went to profile, it was that account's profile too, though I don't really remember if the URL was correct or not.

  • Experienced the same thing earlier, hopefully someone could figure out what happened there

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    Another update: throughout today many times I saw the login notification, but it was fine again after an refresh:

    • When I clicked on Unread, it showed a red noti in the bottom right corner telling me to login, and I was redirected to my profile (HOW?), but when I click on Unread again it was okay.
    • In a topic, it showed "Login to reply" instead of the usual Reply button. A refresh later it was normal again.

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    @tgquan67 Yep, I'm experiencing this too.

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    @tgquan67 Happened to me just a few minutes ago.

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    Ditto here, was showing as logged in as DxS who's an Editor according to their profile group.

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    The behavior is becoming weirder and weirder...

    • When I click on Unread, I will be redirected to my profile with the login notification. But if I refresh fast enough while it hasn't redirected me yet, I will go to the unread page normally.
    • Now I cannot log out of the forum, the logout button doesn't work. Either the session expires, or I delete all cookies from JNC forum. AND I cannot log in to the forum, either. The form just doesn't work, citing expired session (what session?). The only way to log in for me is to go to JNC home, log out and re-log in there.

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