Eirun Last Code - From the Fictional World to the Battlefield

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    Title: Eirun Last Code - From the Fictional World to the Battlefield/エイルン・ラストコード ~架空世界より戦場へ~
    **Publisher:**MF Bunko J(Media Factory)
    10 Volumes (Completed)

    This is the lie in the truth, the change of daydreams in reality. No, it's the story of the souls of the changed human race. AD 2070. More than half a century has passed since the humans first got attacked by the mysterious living entity known as Mariss]

    “The battle... I can't do it. It hurts to say no... Everything has already... No, I can't... Somebody, help me...”

    But the spirit of Celen, the pilot of Black Witch Destbloom, the only Heavy Weapon that can possibly oppose Mariss, has been repeatedly sapped by the hopelessness of battle. Before going out for a sortie, she had been captured for scheming to escape, and was forcibly made to sortie on the battlefield.

    But, on that day, a miracle fell onto the battlefield.

    A mysterious Fighter from an unknown nationality appeared with a SuperWeapon not obtainable from this world and purged Mariss.

    The humans were roused.

    Even then, the Pilot that came out from that Fighter was a carbon copy of Eirun Bazatt, the Pilot in the hugely popular anime Doll Waltz Requiem!?

    Reasons: Reverse isekai! No RPG status! No game mechanics! No NEET, hikkikomori MC! There is a lot I want to say about the work but as a mecha fan, this is a great novels from someone understanding the genre. The author captured the appeals of super robots show with hot-blooded and passionate protagonists, and combined that with the gritty world of a real robot shows and created a story of idealism and celebration of mecha as a whole.

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    Upvoting, we need more reverse Isekai

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    We need some Mecha and completed series. The art for this one looks good. Upvoted.