Amamiya Rinko no Wakeari-Bukken (Rinko Amamiya's Reasonable Real-Estate) (J-Heart?)

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    Title: Amamiya Rinko no Wakeari-Bukken
    Author: Karen Tokyo
    Publisher: TO Books
    Number of Volumes: 1

    As she approaches her thirtieth birthday, Rinko Amamiya leads an empty life. Her job at a Japanese trading company is soul-crushing, and she spends so much time at work that her romantic life doesn't exist. So she decides to quit and join her father's real estate company.

    The only problem is her father sucks at business, and she soon discovers the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. Can she use her business accument to save the family business and repair her relationship with her father?

  • Sounds like general audience rather than gender-specific but I'm upvoting
    (got amazon JP link tho?)

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