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    I just joined, and wanted to read a specific series. However all but only part 1 is available, so are only certain series available or do you need a premium membership to read older series?

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    @osuric Generally speaking, volumes become unavailable for online reading once they've been published. Membership mostly just allows you to keep up with new releases as they're translated and prepared for publication.

    All that said - a small number of series are made completely available. Which ones shift month to month, so you can keep on eye on the front page news and wait for the one you want to be available?

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    Yea, only Rokujouma is always available from the beginning (Magic is too far behind volume 1 is always free too). Between 2 and 5 series each month can be read from the beginning as "catch-up." For example, for the month of November, 3 series are on catch-up, and those being Smartphone, Magic is too far behind, and JK Haru.
    The Frequently Asked Questions page should answer your questions you may have with the membership, and we will answer anything if you're still confused.

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