Emails getting clipped for being too large (gmail)

  • The last two emails sent out (the licensing and release announcements) both got clipped for being too large. I didn't even notice this issue until I went to print the licensing email to show to friends, and noticed the email content was much longer than I had read in the normal viewer. Upon receiving the release email, I noticed the message at the bottom
    alt text

    Considering how many people use the google platform for emails, I think you need to seriously reconsider how to format emails so that users on the gmail platform can receive the entire email, since the vast majority will likely not notice that tiny little message at the bottom. It's also possible other email platforms already do this, or will in the future.

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    now thats a weird thing to see, viewing the email on my phone it comes out without issue but it does appear as you said when viewed on pc/chrome

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    For a second I thought this was a new LN title.