Story Inconsistancies

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    There are times that I wonder how much of a story is lost because of differences in language. It is similar to when I read a manga where the publisher decides to not translate or explain the sound effects. There might be a panel with a noise that everybody reacts to in the following panels but non-Japanese readers don't really know what that sound was.

    For this example, I am going to use a passage out of Mixed Bathing v2. It is in spoiler tags just in case you haven't read the story.

    It's the large number of niggling little doubts like this that I find in fan translated works that keeps me away from them...

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    um, i think there might be a mix up, mainly due to well, firstly, your excerpt is from "Mixed Bathing in Another Dimension" not Smartphone even if both MC's share the same name.

    also, unless you're reading the prepub (never read prepub myself just the ebook) the ebook explains itself clearly.

    which means that

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    You are right, the book was Mixed Bathing and I've edited the original post to reflect that. I'm reading the released (premium, to be exact) version. The part that you quoted is what I refered to is the "intervening question-answer session". But...

    It's little things like that, that keep me up at night.


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    I don't see any inconsistency there. She is afraid of the possibility, he is thinking of ways that it might not be true. He believes her words, but she herself does not know one way or the other.

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    Having never read light novels in the original Japanese I can only speculate. I expect that generally speaking light novels are not designed to require deep textual analysis of the text to appreciate so only a minimal amount is lost in terms of change of how things are precisely worded.

    However, novels that make a lot of cultural or pop culture references will have something lost in translation and we might not always appreciate the wordplay in character and book names.

    I also expect that there will be information lost in terms of how characters refer to one another (first name? san? sama?) and their manner of speech (keigo?).

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