Android app - small additions that could make a big difference

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    A few things that are hopefully not too hard to implement in the Android app but will help significantly improve usability:

    • 'Mark as read' button - Have a simple "Mark as 100%" button at the end of a chapter. Sometimes a book ends up at 97% even though I've read it all, and it's annoying. This could also be included in the series list, allowing me to mark as read all parts up to the one I have selected.
    • Easy typo reporting Ability to report a spelling and grammatical mistake directly from the app as I'm reading. I usually forget what was wrong by the time I get to a PC.
    • Refresh button - I want to be able to be confident that the 'latest' list is up-to-date, and I don't want to have to force close the app and re-open it to force a reload
    • Auto scroll to next part in series list When you open the series entry for a book it should automatically scroll to and highlight the next part that is not 100%.

    Many of these features could also be implemented on the browser interface and some have already been suggested within that context.

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    In addition to these please fix the glitch where the images don't always display.

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    @Eternal-Wanderer I would if I had some way of reproducing it on a device of mine!
    I've never had it happen on simulator or the physical android devices I've tried it on... I will need to go out and buy a galaxy tab I think? That seems to be the device people have mentioned has an issue.

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    All solid suggestions the dev team would do well to incorporate onto their app.


  • @Sam-Pinansky Do you have "Screen Compatibility Mode" on your app's manifest when you distribute? There's bad behavior correction code in Android versions past 3.0 that sometimes screws up images. There's a whole bit about what a PITA it is for certain devices that don't declare their sizes easily.

    My Galaxy S6 (xxdpi at 580) renders images, but my tablet (xxxhdpi and 640) tends not to render wide images well.

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    A "night" mode, or at least some way to customize colors, would also be really nice. I much prefer having a black or dark gray background with white text. It is easier on the eyes, and if you have an AMOLED screen it actually uses less battery. Also being able to customize the font would be nice, I generally prefer sans-serif fonts as I find them easier on the eyes (this is personal preference).

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    @sam-pinansky I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (mainly to read prepubs from here and books on Bookwalker) and can confirm it has an issue with images loading in the app. Let me know if there's any diagnostics or tests I can do to help.