Android app - small additions that could make a big difference

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    A few things that are hopefully not too hard to implement in the Android app but will help significantly improve usability:

    • 'Mark as read' button - Have a simple "Mark as 100%" button at the end of a chapter. Sometimes a book ends up at 97% even though I've read it all, and it's annoying. This could also be included in the series list, allowing me to mark as read all parts up to the one I have selected.
    • Easy typo reporting Ability to report a spelling and grammatical mistake directly from the app as I'm reading. I usually forget what was wrong by the time I get to a PC.
    • Refresh button - I want to be able to be confident that the 'latest' list is up-to-date, and I don't want to have to force close the app and re-open it to force a reload
    • Auto scroll to next part in series list When you open the series entry for a book it should automatically scroll to and highlight the next part that is not 100%.

    Many of these features could also be implemented on the browser interface and some have already been suggested within that context.

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    In addition to these please fix the glitch where the images don't always display.

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    @Eternal-Wanderer I would if I had some way of reproducing it on a device of mine!
    I've never had it happen on simulator or the physical android devices I've tried it on... I will need to go out and buy a galaxy tab I think? That seems to be the device people have mentioned has an issue.

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    All solid suggestions the dev team would do well to incorporate onto their app.


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