Smartphone volume 3 part 2 and 3 'part no longer available'

  • Not sure what's going on but it looks like a lot of the "in another world with my smartphone parts are now missing.
    I've been reading it from the start, I'd really like to continue thanks. I even upgraded my membership but it didn't work.

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    November ended today. No more smartphones.

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    As noted above the way it works out is that membership gives you pre-publication access to all JNC series as they are being translated. Once a story has been published (which includes a final quality check to address typos, including those people mention on the forum) it is generally only the first part which is available in pre-pub form as a preview. There are also 'catch up' months where you can get access to the pre-pub versions of novels again for a limited time.

    As a premium member you get 1 premium credit a month and discounted access to more to purchase the premium high resolution DRM-free e-books. As set out at the premium e-books for Smartphone tend to include bonus short stories.

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    @niak32 Hi there, sorry for the confusion. Smartphone was on "catchup" for the month of November. We've been behind on a number of things since AnimeNYC so monthly catchup wasn't updated for December until yesterday, so the available series have changed.

    We apologize for the confusion. The Premium membership does not grant you any additional access to prepub parts - if you would like a refund, please e-mail and someone would be glad to assist you.

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