Upgraded phone, very laggy JNovel?

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    Brand New Moto G7 power, It's no Galaxy nor iPhone or anything but every app I use has had improved performance compared to my LG Stylo 3. Except JNovel. I love the series but the level of lag I'm experiencing is atrocious.
    TL;DR: my old Stylo 3 never lagged using the app but my new Moto G7 power makes the app unusable for some reason? Help?

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    Try some other volume parts.

    For some reason, some volumes are very choppy/laggy yet some are perfectly fine.

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    Some parts are way longer than others and slow down the reader quite a bit depending on the size. Which part are you having trouble with specifically?

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    The issues start already with the overview - not even need to pick something. But once picked...

    Just tried it out with Tearmoon Empire Part 1, one of the newer series I am interested in. Loading takes about half a minute. Changing page is a hassle, since it often does not work. The way the app reacts to a swipe is so slow, if you do it normally it reacts to about 1/4 and then change back to the page before. Like you have to drag it very slow.

    It feels even worse when you try to get out of the chapter. Like as if every input needs 5-7 seconds for the app to digest.

    It looks like this: https://youtu.be/YK1hvixAoj8?t=6
    I am going to delete the video later on. This is just for demo reasons so people might get a better understanding of the issue.

  • whew. And I thought 15-ish fps with 2560x1600px screen using Jaquobus' reader was laggy.
    Fwiw j-novel's has pretty high (30+) fps on my device unless you scroll the list of pars a lot (few hundreds items down). Maybe in your case it loads them all for some reason and starts lagging right away not the case judging from scroll bar size.
    Slow startup is probably common (mine takes 30s now), and page flipping animation is absolutely broken right now (I think it wasn't last time I checked). Getting out of chapter is extra slow because it won't process the action until it finishes some other stuff.

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    I found the app and the beta app so unreliable on my OnePlus 3T that I've been using the unofficial app from https://forums.j-novel.club/topic/940/a-new-unofficial-reader-application-for-j-novel-club-now-also-for-android for a while now. Other than having to force close the app to reload it works reasonably well (it doesn't support manga or resume, though). I look forward to the day when I can move back to the official app.

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    I have 3 devices ,

    • A very old samsung galaxy tab 2 ( no problem)
    • A samsung note 8 ( no problem )
    • The latest samsung tab 5se ( nothing works )

    My problem is that it tries to load something and fails EVERYTIME.
    For it to load anything properly i need a hard reboot of my device and it only works for 1 part !! Afterwards if i want to read another part , i need to hard reboot my device again.

    The official app need an upgrade , fast...

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    @r_thanatos said in Upgraded phone, very laggy JNovel?:

    For it to load anything properly i need a hard reboot of my device and it only works for 1 part !! Afterwards if i want to read another part , i need to hard reboot my device again.

    If it works for one part you can hard close the app and re-open it. Not ideal but better than having to restart the device. Also, have you tried the beta?

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    To clarify: on my new phone the instant I open the app it's quite laggy. The video above is relevant to my situation I feel but my fps is lower than even that. I'll try this unofficial app and report back.

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    @shiny i have used the normal and the beta apps , same thing.
    And no, hard closing the app does nothing.
    I really have to restart my device

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