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    Hi , i start reading novels recently and i hooked "Ascendance of a Bookworm" but even i like to good translated novel i want to know what will happend next but i never read web novel. I am hearing MTL and people talking about future events but i dont know how should i do it.

    I heard lnmtl " is a good site" but that site doesnt have that series. So what should i do for read AoaB?

    Edit:Thank , after some reserach and advise , best thing to do is wait.

  • @hopebestman Buy the rest of the volumes....

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    @hopebestman Right now, the translations here are past the fan translations of the web novel. And yes, machine translation can be used to read the web novel, but doing so is rather slow and difficult going. Just imagine the fan translations that are labeled chapters 104 through 127 (actually WN chapters 104 through 112) and imagine something worse. Pronoun genders being assigned effectively at random. Objects and subjects of verbs often switched. Sometimes the actual intent of the passage being reversed. For instance, "because the food was cooked by our own cooks, Fran didn't need to poison the food". Methinks, the actual intent was "because the food was cooked by our own cooks, Fran didn't need to check for poison in the food". For a taste of what reading the web novel via MTL is, I'd suggest simply reading the web novel using Google Chrome and having it perform the translation for you. But as I said, don't expect the quality to be good.

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    @godsgoldenpubes talking about japanese versions or what?I mean i have already bought from the bookwalker english versions but i want to know what will happend next and i dont wanna wait.

    @jcochran google chrome could enough , you say. thanks i'll try that.Also , i am not looking quality.For that i have to should wait parts from JNC :D but i just want to know in a basic way.

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    I tried to use google on a few chapters to get to where the fan TL ultimately stopped, but it was so terrible I decided it wasn't worth the bother considering JNC was going to a catch up to that point in half a year.

  • @hopebestman Oh I see. Didn't know you were talking about non official volumes. My bad!

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    @godsgoldenpubes no problem.

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    Hi there! I have another "Beginer" question so i didnt want to create another thread. So i hope this will work again.

    In some series , old volume's parts are still avaible but some series after 2 months , to 2-8(10) are disappear. Why is that? I mean , AoaB's parts are disappear but Grimgar's not. Dont get me wrong its fine for Grimgar but what did AoaB do to deserve that kind of punishment.

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    Grimgar is currently on Catch up this month

    All volumes eventually go into the vault, after the e-book is released, and then every month new catch up titles are made available for users to read.
    Like these series were on catch up in November, and new titles will be going up soon (relatively speaking) for January.

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    @hopebestman In general, only part one of each novel is available for reading. The exceptions are novels currently being translated and series that are on "catch up". For those exceptions, you can read all of the prepub releases. But series that are on catch up will go off of catch up and once again, only the first part of each novel will be readable. Think of it as a preview to sell the full epub.

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    @rahul-balaggan thanks for quick and clean answer. You are a fine man , sir.

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