Can someone explain?

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    Hi I want to read ascendance of a bookworm and Im not a member yet,
    should I become a member, would I be granted access to all the parts of the first book? cause right now it says that the parts aren't available as the book is finished...
    Does that mean that even If I become a member I wouldn't be able to read all the parts of the first book?
    or once I become a member I can read all the translated books in the site?

    I hope someone can tell me,

    Thanks Merry Christmas :D

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    Right now, member or non-member, only the first part of each volume is available. Members have access to all parts of the current volume (Part 2 Volume 2 right now) being translated.

    When a title is on "catch-up", as Bookworm was recently, all parts of all volumes are available to members.

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    meaning that even If I become a member I wouldnt be able to read the first translated part and the beginning of the second part, right?

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    @aluezerosen correct

    You would have to buy the ebooks to be able to read Part 1 of the series and the beginning of Part 2

    Here is an image of the early stuff members currently can read.

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    Members right now can only read volume 5 (part 2 v2) as it is still being translated. Volume 4 (part 2 v1) expired on December 15 according to the expiration thread: (you probably aren't able to open it though, since it's members only). The first three volumes expired several months ago.

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