Just wondering how often is a series updated when it's not on the release schedule?

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    I just finished the latest ascendance of a bookworm prepub. I really enjoyed it. I just didn't see any information in the upcoming releases section for the next volume to begin work. The upcoming releases section goes all the way to march. All i see is the final release of the current volume for publication and the manga release.

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    New volumes don't get added to the release section until the first part gets released. The next Bookworm volume is expected to launch in about 2 weeks, tentatively. At that point, the rest of the parts for that volume will be added to the schedule.

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    I'm a new member, so thank you for responding.

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    It's done that way because there have been issues behind the scenes that have delayed a new volume and it's easier to just wait then have mad fans cause delays.
    I know that issues Sam has mentioned have included a delay on the cover art due to an artist being sick, Golden week holidays in Japan putting a pause on the contract itself and more than once personal issues for JNC staffers.
    So your normal everyday reasons for stuff to delay.

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