Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

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    Who else here is into this kind of humour? The level of hilariousity which is sometimes hard to grasp and yet to be enjoyed through almost all parts of the series. A reincarnated hero who died of shock after he thought he saved a girl from a truck, which turned out to be a tractor and nothing would have happened if he did not do anything - along with a useless Goddess he picked as a boon to tag along instead of a holy sword or something else. Just to team up with a explosion maniac yet useless wizard and a masochist crusader...

  • It's one of my favourite comedy series. This and A Sister Is All You Need are the 2 funnest series out there at the moment that I have read.
    I've still got to read vol.10 as it's currently stuck in my backlog, along with the Konosuba Explosions spin off that came out last month as well.

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    It's one of the rare LN where I think the anime is better but the LN was still really good.
    At least the first 5, vol 6 is a bit of a let done and I've been struggling to go through it, the joke are getting kinda repetitive and I feel like the series is becoming what she was mocking, I hope later volumes are better.

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